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5 Ways to Achieve Good Health and Well Being

September 10, 2020

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On the global Sustainable Development Goals, Good health and Well-being is goal number three. These goals were established about five years ago by the United Nations. The main objective of this goal is to reduce the mortality rates worldwide that take place by preventable causes. There are several sub-goals under this goal.

They grab our attention to issues such as maternal health, reduction in infant mortality rate, ending epidemics like tuberculosis, AIDS & other neglected tropical diseases. They also include the promotion of mental well-being, prevention, and reduction of substance abuse, ensure universal access to reproductive healthcare, and so on.

Today, healthcare has become a priority of every government globally. We have several NGOs and NPOs like HelpAge India, CRY, and Lepra Society working towards making healthcare accessible to all.

Here, let us look at simple measures we, common-people, could take to promote Good Health and Well Being for everyone.



Maternal and Infant Health

One of the main objectives of this goal is to improve maternal and infant health. Right and skilled care for mothers pre, during, and post-pregnancy could save their lives. According to WHO, we could prevent 94% of the maternal fatality, if we have the right care and resources. If you are around someone who is less privileged and is about to bring in life to this world, help them in any way you can. Even helping them in accessing the government’s free-healthcare policies would be great.

Educate and help parents who are underprivileged about infant care and health. Talk to them about the importance of vaccines and nutrition for their child. You could also help them by associating them to an NGO line Armman that would guide them better and help them.


Prevent Substance Abuse

Substance abuse has become a threat to today’s youth. What starts as recreational drugs end up taking their lives. Raising awareness and educating them about how harmful these are can help them go away from these substances. Incorporating these messages into their curriculum would help them understand better. As parents, it is important to talk to your children at a proper age about this issue. Make them aware of this problem and educate them to stay away from these substances.


Promote Mental Wellbeing

It is 2020, and getting the necessary mental help is still seen as a taboo. Usually, in October, we spread awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. Instead of just posting cliched quotes about mental health, let us go a step further. Put your quotes into action and help those in need.

The right thing to do would be to encourage them to speak to mental health practitioners, or even counselors at your schools and colleges would help them a lot. Normalize getting mental help.



Universal Health Coverage and Access to Reproductive Healthcare

Governments globally are making progress in making healthcare accessible to their citizens. In India, there are several healthcare schemes that we do not know. Educate the needy about these policies; your simple act of kindness could go on to save their lives.

We have several NGOs working to bridge the gap and make healthcare accessible to all; support and help these organizations. You could volunteer with them, or help them monetarily by donating money to them.

Incorporating sex-ed classes in schools would help curb the taboo behind reproductive healthcare. Normalizing and educating young minds about menstruation and how their body works would help them take care of themselves in the future. Along with the education, essentials like sanitary napkins and contraceptives should be made affordable and accessible to all.


Support Research and Development

All the discoveries and inventions are because of research by bright minds. The medicines we have today are the result of extensive research done by scientists all across the world. We have to encourage more and more youth to pursue research. Especially in a time like this, when the pandemic is spreading like wildfire, research is our only hope.

Several diseases do not have a cure even today, and thousands of people’s lives are in danger. Supporting these bright minds would help the entire humanity.

These are a few simple ways in which we could help people around us. It is important that we all work towards making this planet a better place for all. It is only with our support the United Nations will be able to achieve its Goal 3 – Good Health and Well Being for all.