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Passionate about everything having to do with the body, we at KristisJewelryStore.com write about sex, body image, dating, and relationships. We have been a regular contributor to a reputable men’s magazine and our work has already appeared in VICE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, New York Magazine, Teen Vogue, and SELF, among other publications.

Before becoming freelance sex writers, we were a team from a book publishing industry where we have worked on three books (under a pseudonym) and are currently working on our fourth erotica novel. Everyone in the team holds a BA in writing and nutrition from New York University.

KristisJewelryStore.com is dedicated to providing our readers with tips and ideas to be on the right mindset to take care of their own bodies. After all, the side effects are awesome, who does not want to have long-life, great well-being, and great sex?!