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Everything You Need To Know About Nipple Clamps

February 5, 2020

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Nipple play is always one of the most fascinating aspects of intimate plays. Woman or man, everybody enjoys little bit of nip action. And this is where nipple clamps come in. These are nifty toys that work to stimulate the nipples and send you to bouts of intense orgasmic delights. Contrary to popular opinion, nipple clamps aren’t only restricted to BDSM plays. Although the clamps are a major prop of BDSM sessions yet they can be used by normal foreplay sessions as well. Are you curious to know more about nipple clamps? Well, the post below offers a brief on the hottest things you need to know about nipple clamps.

Brief overview on nipple clamps

The name says it all. Nipple clamps, quite literally, are clamps that are used to squeeze nipples. These clamps are found in versatile designs and shapes. Some are shaped like tweezers with rubber clamps. Then, there are some clamps that allow you to adjust pressure. In fact, you will even find some modern variations with in-built vibrator. Follow this link for you to get an idea of what they look like, and you can also check back later if you find something that you love.

How does it work?

You must be eager to know how a nipple clamp works. Well, these clamps are poised to clamp down at the base of the nipple. It’s to stress here the nipples are one of the most crucial erogenous zones and house a bunch of nerve endings. Thus, when your nipples are stimulated, these nerve endings are immediately titillated which altogether takes your O-game a notch higher.

Nipple clamps work on the principle of restriction and release. When they clamp down on nipples, they restrict blood flow to that part of the body. The clamps should be kept in place for a few minutes, say 5-10 minutes. Then, as clamps are taken out, a gush of blood rushes to the clamped area and drowns you into an amazing sensation.

When the toy is clamped on the nipples, you will feel a certain sensation of pain. Then, the entire area will become numb (given lack of blood flow) and you will feel a certain kind of dumb ache. After that, when clamps are pulled out, you are left with a sense of intense lasting pleasure.  In other words, nipple clamps present a thrilling blend of both pain and pleasure that enhances your chances of orgasm.

According to experts, nip play leads to the release of a vital chemical in brain named oxytocin which is the same one that’s released when one reaches orgasm. So, with nipple clamps, you are in for a solid stimulating experience. Nipple clamp will be especially great for women who often struggle to achieve orgasm with penetrative sex alone. They can include it as part of their foreplay session and remove them just before taking a penis in. Thanks to the clamps, the body will be already stimulated and hence it will be easier to achieve orgasm with penetrative sex.

Different types of nipple clamps

As mentioned before, nipple clamps cover a wide variety. Here is a brief on the major types of clamps-

Clover clamps

These are durable metallic clamps that come with moderate pressure by default. You will usually find these toys with chains that link the two clamps together. To enhance the pressure intensity, all you would have to do is to tug on that chain which will give a strong pull on clamp tips and heighten the squeeze effect. However, it’s to note here, clover clamps aren’t exactly for beginners. You should only try it once you get accustomed to the typical pain-and-pleasure concoction of nipple clamping.

Tweezer clamps

As the name says, these clamps actually take the look of a tweezer. Topped with rubber tips, they feel slightly comfortable on clamped nipples. Mostly, these toys are attached with little metal rings at arms which help you to adjust the pressure level. It’s to note here tweezer clamps are the best for beginners. Thanks to their rubber tips, you won’t feel extreme pain which is good for a newbie as your body isn’t acquainted with the painful sensation of tight clamp squeezes. Once you get adjusted to the pain sensation, you can gradually increase pressure of the clamps to enhance the sensation.

Alligator clamps

The tip of these clamps take the look of the mouth of an alligator and hence the name. These clamps have adjustable tips which allow you to experiment with pressure by tightening or loosening screws at tips. Some of them come with rubber teeth to make things little comfortable for users. In fact, some modern versions of alligator clamps feature teeth under rubber tip to enhance the level of intensity. However, adjusting alligator clamps takes practice and hence its best for the seasoned users.

Tips to use nipple clamps

The right usage of nipple clamps begins with proper selection of the clamps. When you are a beginner, you shouldn’t go for something that will burden you with loads of weight. It’s because, this way, you will only end up hurting the nipples real bad. And that’s not a very pleasant thing. So, you should always be careful about ideal selection of nipple clamps. You can begin with a tweezer clamp as they come with rubber ends and assure easy adjustment of pressure. Try to avoid alligator clamps as even though they allow pressure adjustment, they are difficult to operate for a newbie.

The next thing is to try it on your body. Don’t just put the clamps immediately on nipples the moment you get the toy delivered at your door. You need to prepare yourself and also check whether or not you can at all bear the pain. So, first you will test the clamp on earlobes. If the pain feels okay, you can try on the nipple clamps.

Be careful of the timing when you are planning a session with nipple clamps. It’s especially important when you are a beginner. Don’t have it on nipples for more than 5-10 minutes. Start with 5 minutes. If things seem to be okay, you can extend to 10 minutes but not more than that. Remove the plug immediately if pain becomes unbearable.