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Kristina is initiating a project that aims to deliver quality, inclusive sex education to kids and young people in US and beyond. The project tackles the topics of gender, sexuality, bodies, body positivity and inclusive sex education, and explores and celebrates the non-normative aspects of sex education and groups of people who are usually left out of sex education. Through the project, we explore what is sex, why people have sex, how to do it safely with consent and the emotional side of sex. As part of this site’s vision, this project was launched in 2018 with generous funding from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.


Most young people deem the sex education they’ve received is very poorly delivered or insufficient. It is widely known that many teenagers use the internet and the mainstream media, such as gossip magazines, to satisfy their curiosity and the information they can find there can be distorted and/or inaccurate. Talking about sex is still considered a taboo across the generations.

With this this project we want to raise awareness of how lacking and non- inclusive sex education is. We want to educate young people, peer educators and youth workers ate deliver inclusive sex education that is inclusive with the whole spectrum of genders and sexualities and also with people with disabilities, as well as promoting body positivity and bodily diversity. We want to educate young people from an early age – through non-formal education – to be able to speak openly about sex and to have healthy sex lives. We would like to explore more than just the physical aspects of sex and approach the topic from the emotional and psychological side.