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If you find yourself wanting to get in workshops about pleasure and sex, check out the following events to sign up for ASAP.

(For interested registrants, contact us for more details)

Oral Pleasure for Penises

FHM calls me the “Oracle of Oral” (May 2018) and in this class I spill all my secrets. From teasing to deep throating to finishing the job without your jaw getting tired, you’ll learn all my favorite tips tools, & tricks for making blow jobs more enjoyable and driving your partner wild. Plus, you get to know how to incorporate jewelries in each session.

All About Orgasm

The happiness of having an orgasm is much more intense than owning jewelries. Orgasm. We all want one – or more! – but how do we get it? And what is an orgasm anyway? In this interactive workshop, you’ll explore “The Big O” and how to make it happen – better, stronger and more often.  You’ll discover different types of orgasms, learn how to overcome orgasmic challenges, and get answers to everything you ever wanted to know about arousal, pleasure, and climax.

Full Body Foreplay

Foreplay is so much more than the turn on before you get it on. It gets you in the mood, makes sex feel more amazing, and is a must-have for most women. Discover new ways to enjoy full-body foreplay using jewelries intended for foreplay and engage your most important sex organ – your brain. From massage to dirty talk, you’ll explore the why’s and how’s of arousal and how to fan that spark into a flame!

Intro to Sex Toys

You know that adult toys make sex more fun & pleasurable. But where do you begin?! Is the rabbit all that great? Or is a sex ring that appropriate? And what’s this about toxic toys? Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed or disappointed. In this workshop, we bust sex toy myths, get up close and personal with different types of toys, and help you find the perfect toy for you.

Get Your Sexy On Again: Passionate Monogamy in Long-Term Relationships

The longer you’re with your partner, the easier it is to fall into a rut. You want to mix things up, but most advice requires advanced acrobatics training or focuses on your partner’s pleasure. No more! In this workshop, learn the tips, tools, and positions to keep your sex life exciting for years to come.

From Body Image to Masturbation: Love Yourself Every Which Way

These days we’re constantly told to “love ourselves,” and for good reason: doing so helps you experience more intimacy and pleasure. Yet self-love and appreciation is easier said than done. In this workshop we explore different forms of self-love and how to enhance each so you can experience more pleasure every day.

Creating Resilient Relationships

What is a resilient relationship? What does it look like? How does it benefit you – and your partner? In this workshop you’ll learn how to build and maintain relationships that truly stand the test of time – without feeling overwhelmed. From asking for what you really want to setting and maintaining boundaries to dealing with the let-downs that are an inevitable part of life – learn everything you need so your happily-ever-after can last forever.

Busting Out! Sexual Myth Busting with Passion by Kristina!

Join me for an inclusive, interactive event designed to separate fact from fiction! Topics will include the most common myths that sex educators hear—including on sex toys, foreplay, arousal, and orgasms—and will draw from questions straight from the audience. You’ll leave confident in your ability to lead your own informed, empowered sex lives, express your desires, and help yourself – and your partners.